The Uniflow 4S cluster is the latest version of milking clusters produced by SAC.  It combines a new slimmer trapezoidal shaped stainless-steel claw with the well proven Uniflex Liners and shells to produce a unique cluster suitable for any brand or style of milking parlour. In addition, the versions with hook and shut-off valve make the Uniflow 4S ideal for use on dump buckets, where cluster choice is often neglected.

The shape of the claw bowl is designed to ensure a perfect balance under the cow and is available in two versions depending on whether the cow is being milked from the front or between the rear legs.  The optimal liner placement and good distribution of weight combine to reduce slip and ensure a gentle stress-free milking for both cow and milker.

Clusters are available with and without shut-off valves, and a choice of light plastic, or stainless-steel shells.  Weights range from only 1.56 kg to 2.08 kg. The Uniflex liner can be supplied with different opening sizes and either round or square shaped barrels for the highest yielding cows.

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