SAC Robotic Dairy System

The Robotic Dairy System (RDS) is the next generation of milking robots, which ensures an optimal quality-milk production process for the consumers. The Robotic Dairy System provides maximum freedom for both the cow’s natural life rhythm and the farmer’s daily need to control, document and handle production.   Industrial Robot Arm In the centre of its Robotic Dairy System SAC has chosen an acknowledged industrial heavy duty robot arm for work in the demanding stable environment. This robust robot arm is especially suitable for work in the aggressive stable environment.

Plug and Play

SAC RDS Futureline is delivered as plug & play in factory mounted units, which ensures very simple and fast mounting. The new milking robot is easily made functional and ready to use. The overall solution is very service friendly and takes up relatively little space.

SAC Management

With the SAC Dairy Management programme the farmer gets full control of surveillance and milk production management.

User Friendly and PC Based

A computer screen displays all data in a clear graphic model and when hooked up to the internet the farmer can easily and fast obtain information from the milking robot and act on it – no matter where he is.

Know-how and development

Since SAC took over one of the leading companies within automated milking robots we are proud to say: – The new generation – SAC RDS Futureline – builds a bridge between the best from SAC’s many years of milking experience and leading new knowledge in automating technology and system development.