Brand new antenna range for ear tag and bolus identification with smart noise suppression technology

Nedap introduces the new VP604X antenna range that replaces the VP6001, VP6002, VP6150 and VP6151 V-sense antennas as well as the multi loop antenna range (SF3 antennas).

The new VP604X antenna range is highly robust, easy to install and exceptionally capable to suppress conductive and/or environmental noise. The range consists of two different antennas and a transformer set that ensure the highest possible performance of the identification system:

  • VP6040 Antenna Panel: for walk past ear tag identification.
  • VP6042 Antenna Panel:for walk past ear tag identification. Can also be used for overhead ear tag (rotary parlours).
  • VP604X Antenna Transformer Set: for use of VP604X antennas in combination with readers without auto tuning function.

Nedap also introduces the VP6050 Antenna Panel. This antenna is used for walk past ear tag identification and suppresses conductive noise (does

NOT suppress environmental noise!). This antenna is mainly meant to be used as spare part to replace VP6001 and VP6150 antennas in existing installations as the dimensions (mainly width) of the new VP6040 antennas would often require a major reconstruction of the entry race of the parlour and/or sorting facility.

The current VP6150 and VP6151 V-sense auto tune antennas and the multi loop antennas will become obsolete and are replaced by this new range. The VP6001 and VP6002 have already been declared obsolete last year.

Main features

  • Made of high quality HMPE (High Molecular Poly Ethylene)
  • Highly robust against noise because of smart technology that suppresses conductive and environmental noise
  • Pre-tuned
  • Easy installation
  • Compatible with all Nedap ISO 11784/5 compliant readers