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Nedap Pig Sorting allows you to feed and sort pigs based on weight and sex..  The station weighs and identifies each pig and automatically leads it to the right feed type or to the separation area.  This means you can feed optimally and deliver your pigs to the slaughterhouse at exactly the right weight.

Feeding according to weight and sec sends the individual finisher to the correct feed type.  This means you save up to 20% on the cost of the starter feed alone. In addition Nedap Pig sorting monitors not only growth but the number of visits to the station which means you can keep an eye on the activity and health of your animals.

The Benefits:

  • Feed pigs based on weight and sex
  • Continuous insight into individual animal weights
  • Monitoring of activity/health
  • Sort animals ready for slaughter automatically, according to weight and sex
  • Lower building costs than traditional construction